Power, Oil & Gas

Loss of productivity is an industry nightmare. If a fire threatens a tank or vessel, you could face a shutdown that costs millions. That’s what makes you to turn to DQAP. 

We bring the advantage of experience, helping you safeguard your your assets and processes, with customised special hazard solutions such as dry chemical, water mist, deluge and more, as well as gas and clean agent suppression systems. We can help protect storage tanks, vessels, pump manifolds, truck or rail car loading stations, process structures, pipe racks and more. 

As we design, manufacture, install and service your systems, our essential objective is to help mitigate the devastating effects a fire can have on your workers, your operations, your production and those dependent on your uninterrupted supply. As a comprehensive, single-source provider of an array of networked and integrated fire detection and suppression systems, DQAP Systems can assist you manage risk and optimize protection for your most critical assets.



Mining environments are harsh. Production is king; downtime can crush your profits. We serve customers ranging from the largest conglomerates to individual mines, from the smallest machines to the largest. 

We know the harsh and hazardous environments you work in, and we have comprehensive solutions ranging from fire suppression to traditional sprinkler systems, from special hazards to site security. We can help you improve safety from greenfield to reclamation. 

Our fire solutions integrate easily with suppression and security, bringing you a holistic means of addressing risks, helping you better protect your people and assets.



Gain the advantage of a complete, single-source life-safety solution. For critical life safety, security and property protection, a piecemeal solution won’t support business continuity or minimize downtime when a problem occurs. 

We use a total approach to define your best solution. We begin with analyzing your needs, defining your goals and planning the appropriate solution – customized to fit your needs, schedule and budget. Our industrial experience spans large- and small-scale organizations and we offer a complete fire safety portfolio: fire detection, suppression, emergency communications, special hazards and paging systems.

With DQAP relationship, you’ll have expert local service to keep your systems at peak performance with testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring. Whether you need to protect a single facility or extended campus, a warehouse or data center, in industries ranging from manufacturing to technology, from automotive to pharmaceutical, we can help you find the right protection.

Along with responsive local support, your project benefits from our company-wide, collaborative culture. We bring you a single point of contact that opens up a world of possibilities. We use our collective strength, including expert-level knowledge across the country, to fully inform your project.


Custom Or Turnkey, Single-Source Fire And Life-Safety Solutions

Installation personnel that are individually licensed by the state before becoming full-fledged installers

Every component - from Fire, gas and flame detection to Suppression systems - can be linked and monitored, along with other control systems, from a central command and control center

“Zero Harm” commitment to deliver the highest quality products and services, while protecting people and the environment

Support and expert consultation before, during and after installation that can help minimize your lifetime system costs

Sophisticated systems for sites where chemicals, flammables, processes or equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions

Fire protection for process plants, underground conveyors, static and mobile plant, draglines, workshops, substations, Monitor Control Center (MCC) rooms and switch rooms